Don’t Miss Out: 2023 Lexus GX Looks Unbelievable Review

2023 Lexus GX Changes are coming soon to the mighty Lexus GX 2023, a full-size luxury SUV that has been in its current form for more than a decade. Big, muscular, and with standard 4-wheel …

2023 Lexus GX

2023 Lexus GX Changes are coming soon to the mighty Lexus GX 2023, a full-size luxury SUV that has been in its current form for more than a decade.

Big, muscular, and with standard 4-wheel drive, the GX has long been the go-to sports vehicle that competes with similar adventure-themed rivals like the Land Rover Discovery and Nissan Armada.

Based on a body-on-frame chassis, the same type used in most full-size pickup trucks (including the recently updated Toyota Tundra), the GX rides and handles like, well, a really big truck!

If you’re interested in something easy to drive and easy to place in parallel parking, keep looking. The 2023 Lexus GX is a big SUV that feels every bit of its thickness.

2023 Lexus GX Review: New Lexus GX 2023

This can be a great thing to help clear the distance during long trips. The ride is steady but comfortable, and there’s room for six or seven people, depending on whether the optional second-row captain’s seat is reserved. The 2023 Lexus GX is even better at cruising where the paved road ends — this Lexus SUV has some serious all-terrain power.

2023 Lexus GX

But it also gives the 2023 Lexus GX an acquired taste, especially when facing rivals who present much more car-like driving characteristics.

Remember the quick mention of the Toyota Tundra and its recent reboot? This bodes well for a complete makeover for GX, which has used much of the previous Tundra architecture.

It also means the GX’s long-serving 301-horsepower V8 will get a heave-ho in favor of the more efficient turbo-turbocharged V6 that served in the new Tundra.

While we love the old-fashioned charm of the rugged V8 engine, the engine used in the 2023 Lexus GX has the kind of mileage you could associate with an Italian supercar or a mid-sized bus.

Last year’s update to the 2023 Lexus GX infotainment system added a larger and more intuitive 10.3-inch touchscreen, along with popular features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus standard navigation.

While the changes are welcome, there’s no doubt the 2023 Lexus GX will be undergoing a significant overhaul soon.

2023 Lexus GX Redesign

The Lexus GX has its reputation as a capable (and stylish) SUV, so it’s interesting to learn more about the Lexus GX 2023. Previously, rumors had circulated that the SUV would get a redesign.

And after the company has confirmed that the GX 460 did get some redesign work, it should be interesting to wait for its launch. This SUV is unique in that it has a solid truck-based construction that makes it sturdy and tough. What kind of improvements will they make on the trip?

Rumor has it that the new GX will continue to use the body in the frame structure. If that’s true, then it’s a shame because such a construction is old. For the engine, it’s possible to still use a V8 unit similar to the naturally aspirated type.

However, more updates can be expected from the cabin. There will be more gadgets, more technology, and also more premium materials. The size won’t change too much.

This SUV is still capable of accommodating seven people in its three-row arrangement. Lexus must be serious if it wants to create more interesting results, considering that the 2023 Lexus GX has several tough and strong rivals, such as the Mercy GLE Class, Beemer X5, Audi Q7, and Acura MDX.

All of them have greatly improved their ride, creating more attractive, more modern, and more attractive vehicles. If Lexus and its GX don’t want to fall behind, they need to do more than just a simple (and subtle) cosmetic touch.

Despite the body on the frame structure, the upcoming Lexus GX 2023 will be accompanied by some good things. The company ensures that they can still display the attractive side of the SUV. That’s why the new SUV will get a large spindle-grill flanked and accentuated by LED triple beam headlights.

In terms of the appearance of the boxy body, it will remain the same. However, there will be new lines added throughout the car, so the details should be able to enhance the interesting side of the ride. The same tailgate will remain, swinging like a door that has hinged sides right behind.

This is unique in that most SUVs will have a traditional tailgate with a lifting mechanism. Expect the similar Kinetic Dynamic Suspension to remain as it is what is responsible for the performance and a smooth road experience. It can optimize off-road performance while improving driving quality.

As for the interior, the boxy shape makes for perfect cargo space and headroom. The third-row seats can be folded flat, while the second row can be reclined, folded, and shifted. Such an arrangement is useful for extra travel comfort and convenience.

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2023 Lexus GX Hybrid

The current second-generation 2023 Lexus GX arrived back in 2009, and while it enjoys a monopoly in its segment, it is clearly showing its age. The next-generation Lexus GX is on the brand’s product roadmap and will arrive in 2024, according to a new report from

It will be the luxury sibling of the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, due in 2023.

2023 Lexus GX Platforms & Specifications

The 2023 Lexus GX will retain a much-loved feature when moving to the third generation: stair frame construction. Nonetheless, the main body-on-frame luxury SUV in the group will take on a new platform scheme from the TNGA family – the GA-F.

About the new Land Cruiser, Toyota says that the GA-F stage allows it to lower the vehicle’s focal point of gravity and further develop improved axle weight distribution.

Building the LC 300 on the TNGA architectural design has further developed comfort, maintenance, safety, and noise insulation protection as well.

The body and frame are 20% stiffer than the LC 200 and weigh about 200 kg lighter. Expect the Lexus GX to also benefit in this aspect when switching to the GA-F.

Reports suggest that the next-generation Prado will come in full-hybrid and mild-hybrid variants, with the former sporting a 2.5-liter petrol engine and the latter using a 2.8-liter diesel engine. Lexus could borrow at least an electrified petrol engine for the next-generation 2023 Lexus GX.

2023 Lexus GX Interior

Inside, expect a slimmer dashboard, simpler and sleeker planned buttons manufactured using better materials, and the Lexus Interface infotainment frame with a 12.3-inch drifting touchscreen will bring the appeal inside. Expect a more contemporary center control area, floor control center, and control wheel plan. Compared to its lighter monocoque, the Lexus 2023 Lexus GX may still look heavy, but that’s what loyal customers love.

2023 Lexus GX

The new state-of-the-art GX infotainment framework should accompany a client profile that allows storing selected settings in the cloud and applying them to other Lexus models equipped with the Lexus Interface.

Plus, expect cloud-based routes, remote Apple CarPlay, and remote Android Auto.

In addition to the large touchscreen infotainment system, the next-generation 2023 Lexus GX technology features will include an advanced air filter, a heads-up display, wireless charging, and a panoramic camera.

In certain markets like Russia, a fingerprint reader on the switch is starting to likely be on this list.

2023 Lexus GX 460 Redesign

2023 Lexus GX 460 The next-generation Lexus GX will feature an evolutionary design. A teaser purported to show the exterior from a three-quarter front angle was revealed by Toyota on December 14, 2021, while detailing its product roadmap.

The redesigned model will look as strong and old-school as today’s SUVs, only bolder and more elegant.

The basic recipe would be the same, box, wide-body, tall hood, simple doors, large windows, and a slightly carded D-pillar. The next-generation 2023 Lexus GX will embody Lexus’ new design DNA, with slimmer headlamps incorporating the signature L-shaped DRL at the top, a new front grille divided into three sections, and an extended hood that houses the brand logo.

New rounded mirrors, a reshaped and possibly wider rear glass panel, and a new shark fin antenna complete the recipe.

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2023 Lexus GX 550

The Lexus GX is a survivor. The current second-generation model has been around since 2009 and recently received important upgrades for the 2022 model. The new 10.3-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa integration, as well as six USB ports, will add some modern technology to the mix. old-fashioned cabin.

The naturally aspirated 4.6-liter V8 engine, connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission, remains untouched with 301 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque. But it seems Lexus has an upgrade in mind.

MotorTrend found that Toyota filed trademark application materials for the GX550 moniker in Costa Rica, stating that the upgrade will likely apply to the US model. So we did some digging and found a similar trademark application for the name “GX550” that Toyota filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on September 7, 2021.

While this confirms the 550 trim is US-bound, the document doesn’t say when the GX550 will debut.

We’re pretty sure it won’t be until the redesigned Tundra arrives. The disclosure came later this month. After the Tundra and its new twin-turbo V6 have enjoyed some time in the spotlight, we can easily see Lexus reveal the updated GX for the 2023 model year.

The current 2023 Lexus GX is officially called the GX460 about its V8. What is the importance of type 550 here? The answer is likely the new 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine found in the newly released Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series engine.

Unfortunately, the SUV is not slated for sale in the US, but the engine is expected to be found in the soon-to-be-launched full-size Tundra truck. Expect around 450 hp and 500 lb-ft of rev.

The GX550 is very unlikely to have 550 hp, as the name suggests. The reason for this name maybe because it represents the development of SUV engines. Using the GX450 makes no sense.

Will the arrival of the V6 mean that the V8 is dead? Possible. The former has more power and better fuel efficiency. It’s a simple business case. A 450-hp or so Lexus GX isn’t far off and SUV fans should celebrate.

2023 Lexus GX Release Date

Announcing Toyota’s (parent company) EV strategy on December 14, 2021, President Akio Toyoda said that Lexus aims to launch a full line of EVs across all vehicle segments by 2030.

The luxury brand is targeting EVs to reach 100% of its sales in North America, China, and Europe. and targets EV sales of 1 million units globally that year. By 2035, the company wants to convert 100% of its sales globally to EVs.

The Lexus NX 450h+ PHEV, the brand’s first dedicated BEV model, will be released in June 2021. In mid-2022, the Lexus RZ, the production version of the Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept, will go on sale.

In March 2024, Lexus will open a new business and technology center where teams involved in brand development, design, production technology, and planning can work together to accelerate the planning and development of the next generation of Lexus models.

The next-generation 2023 Lexus GX could arrive in the US during the first half of 2024 and the next-generation Lexus GX will compete with the BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery.

2023 Lexus GX Price

We expect the base price of the Lexus GX 460 2023 to start at around $56,000. While it’s a lot of money for any vehicle, it’s relatively cheap when you compare the 2023 Lexus GX to 3-row SUVs like Land Rover, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

Since there’s only one powertrain option and a 4-wheel-drive (4WD) comes standard, the biggest deciding factor when exploring the GX options, in the end, is how luxurious you want this massive SUV to be.

The Black Line Special Edition, the appearance-oriented trim introduced for the 2022 model year, costs around $60,000.

Go for the top-of-the-line Premium trim and expect to pay around $65,000. This version adds features such as leather seats, adaptive suspension with self-leveling rear air suspension, a heated steering wheel, and a foldable third row.

The next-generation Lexus GX can start at around USD 55,000.